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By Our Analyst: With the much-hyped trade war between the US and China getting intensified and Trump administration increasingly veering toward competition with China, it will be to the interests of both India and China to mend fences and build up at least working bilateral partnership between them. Diplomatic analysts think that India has more reasons than one to restore a working relationship with China, even as it continues to express its grievances over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s signature Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), parts of which overlap with territory that India and Pakistan disputed. (The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the BRI’s crown jewel, runs through Pakistan-administered Kashmir.) Analysts are of the view that before anything else, New Delhi needs to develop trade relations with Beijing. Regional cooperation with China is also significant for India. New Delhi’s position on OBOR draft has to be balanced and directed only by national economic interests of India, but not based on nationalistic and populist ideas of the NDA government led by Narendra Modi. BRICS is an effective organization, which can be described as new mechanism of collaboration and coordination between its members on the wide range international agenda. Principles of BRICS- security, combating terrorism and other global security risks, economic cooperation, obey rules and international laws implemented by the UN. There is a school of thought that thinks that there are ample indications to suggest that the US is just use India as a regional competitor to China. In case of real increase of tensions between New Delhi and China, Washington won’t give any support to India. White House is interested to provoke more conflicts between two rising Asian powers, following its years nurtured “Divide and Rule” policy. Indian attempts to compete against China on economic front will be the harsh mistake for India because in this case India will need to increase funding and investment to new huge infrastructure projects. It may collapse India’s economy and lead to tough regional consequences. That’s why New Delhi needs to strengthen its cooperation with organizations like BRICS, SCO, RIC.
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It is in the favor of India that it must strengthen the cooperation with BRICS, SCO, RIC because in this way they can get rid of its poverty. I read from the paper writer about it and the detail you shared is amazing.
Post Time : 20th June 2018, 09:29:51 am