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By Our Analyst: India needs to strengthen its participation in BRICS, because it will let India gain certain economic and political advantages. BRICS countries, as a whole, should continue to develop and design economic strategies and develop BRICS Bank in their interest. One has to keep in mind that the Western financial system has become old and it does no longer address people’s needs in present day’s context. For BRICS, it is a challenge to create and manage a new economic system for new Asia. Participation in BRICS is an opportunity for India to resolve its social, demographic and economic issues. BRICS is an institution of trust among its member countries. India-China-Bhutan border dispute must not influence BRICS summit or relationship among the members beyond the summit. All the territorial problems need to be resolved only between two countries. BRICS members need to be more coordinated in G20, UN,WTO, IMF,World Bank. BRICS’ member countries need to work out common positions in issues of combating international terrorism, issues related to Syria, Afghanistan, middle east. These countries also need to work out and reach at an agreement about cooperation in cyber security, combating internet crimes, cyber terrorism.
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