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By Debak Banerjee It is in the news that Trinanul Congress is going to hire an election strategist for the ensuing assembly election. No quote or television byte from TMC leadership is available in support of this story but print media has however managed a picture of a recently renowned election strategist standing in front of TMC headquarters. To hire or not to hire--is not the question I am raising here. I am curious to know, what is the view of the opposition on this political branding business? Well, everyone knows that in Bengal battle TMC is favourite and anyone can predict that election will be as boring as Bengali TV serials unless the seat sharing between CPM and Congress takes place, which is very much in air. Only their alliance may add some spice to the entire show! As far as branding is concerned, it is in the DNA of Trinamul. Mamata Banerjee' s media sense, largely her branding sense can be understood when she makes slogans for her party every year. 'Hoy ebar noy never (either now or never), operation CPM and many are the bright examples of her creativity. She is excellent in making simple and catchy taglines. She is a regular reader of poetry. Subhas Mukhopadhyay is her favorite poet. One may find his book of poetry in her car or into that blue bag she uses regularly. Subhas Mukhopadhyay is famous for his simplicity in writing poem. Probably his influence works when Mamata writes such one liners. In this series her masterpieces is MAA MATI MANUSH, probably influenced by a poem by Birendra Nath Chattopadhyay. Before the Parliament election of 2009, PARIBARTAN CHAI (we want change) slogan was the greatest example of their branding acumen, although whether it was professional or amateur can well be debated. The use of the word historical before a big rally or an event or incident is obviously a result of an expert's thought. After coming into power the branding challenge of tmc is tougher than before. Opposition, mainly CPM is still carrying the stigma of Nandigram, Netai, Tapasi Malik, Rajkumar Bhool... the list is long. Shrugging off those nightmares, if they want to stand on their feet, they must need a proper branding. Regarding popular political branding there are few Affordable Home Decorators Ideas questions. Defeat of BJP in Bihar: a success of branding or of Lalu and his caste politics? Victory of Modi in 2014 was partial success of branding no doubt but the longevity of such branding is not even more than two years! Image of Modi has been already questioned . Finally brand-Buddha and big brand llke Tata could not stand before the image and mass appeal of Mamata last time. In Bengal battle , how far brand managers can make their mark--remains to be seen. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.
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