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By Our Correspondent: India and Israel need to find a way to create more meeting places where ideas can be exchanged and cheap glasses uk collaborations forged made for greater cooperation between the two countries, said Israel Makov, Chairman, Sun Pharmaceuticals, the first Israeli chairperson of a major Indian company. Makov said the Israeli government is trying to create such opportunities across the world so that India can tap the knowledge Israel has to offer and Israel cad look at opportunities here. “There are opportunities for both sides. Israeli firms are small and in India they can learn how to operate on a large scale. Indian companies can come to Israel and gain the knowledge and expertise that Israeli firms have. Israeli companies are more innovative,” he said. The concern is how to get Indians and Israelis to keep meeting each other on a regular basis. “This COLLOQUIUM is one such opportunity but it is just a drop in the ocean,” he said. Makov was speaking at the India-Israel Innovation Colloquium, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Ananta Centre (formerly Aspen India), and the Tel Aviv University (TAU). The Colloquium is organised under the joint chairmanship of Israel Makov, Chairman, Sun Pharmaceuticals, and S Ramadorai, Chairman, National Skill Development Agency, Government of India. Manoj Kohli, Managing Director, Bharti Enterprises, said Israel held a unique place in the world. “They live in crisis all the time, they have fantastic courage, and have the bent of mind to innovate,” he said. Kohli listed five key characteristics needed to innovate successfully. They were crisis, the courage to go through with innovations, constant alignment with partners, agility and the ability to move fast, and constant communication and celebration of success. “Innovations are sustainable if they are positive,” he added. Professor Yesha Sivan, Executive Director, The Coller Institute of Venture, Tel Aviv University, pointed out that the ecosystem of innovation today is fast, messy, and global, while the current trend among companies is to use innovation platforms to get ahead. Prof Sivan attributed the success to Facebook to its ability to capitalise on its innovation platform. He said of the four key factors that drive funding of innovation, that is government authorities, institutional investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs, the last three are global in nature. “Only government authorities remain local, and they thus have a major role to play in building up the right systems. Laissez faire is impossible,” he said. Jamshyd Godrej, Co-Chair of the India Israel Forum and Chairman and Managing Director, Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Ltd, said the India-Israel Forum had led to huge interest of Israelis in India, and of Indians in Israel. He pointed out that the two countries already share deep ties in the areas of agriculture, defence, and information technology. “There is also great interest in the area of solar energy that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been talking about,” he added. He said the colloquium provided a platform for Track II talks between academicians and business persons of both nations along with the Track I talks between government officials. “This takes our economic relations beyond diamonds and defence, and there is increased interest in education and collaboration,” he said. The Israeli Consul General in Mumbai, David Akov, said he was pleased to see how an idea he had heard in Tel Aviv six months ago had materialised into a colloquium and a vibrant meeting to promote major goals of the two countries. “India and Israel are open societies and democracies which add to the chaos, but which also make for dynamic societies,” he said. Earlier, S Ramadorai, Co-Chair of the rolex replica watches
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