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Our Correspondent: Interra Information Technology (InterraIT), a leading software consultancy firm held a special workshop with Gautam Mahajan, a leading expert in globalization and total customer value management and a consultant in corporate transformation and restructuring on Thursday November 13, 2014 in Noida. Mahajan has also been past National President of Indo American Chamber of Commerce ( IACC) in 2010-11. Commenting on the workshop Asoke Laha, MD InterraIT said:” We are not merely a software company with global presence but have a mission to help actively in corporate restructure and revolutionary management. Way back in 2000 we had invited the Management Guru Clause Muller to work with us on value system rebuilding. The essence of our management style is all along coaching people to scale up in skillsets and attitude. Gautam is invited to work with us for the same objective. His message never fails to ignite minds particularly of younger generation of professionals.” Mahajan held an interactive dynamic session with InterraIT team alongwith selectively chosen participants from outside, mainly corporate and academic worlds. He elaborated on thinking from the customer’s shoes. “Memory of the experience is more important than the experience itself” – he made a tag line while explaining the urgency of empathizing with one’s customer strongly so that one can create and augment value for the latter. He discussed case studies of CVM score, how Vodafone and AT&T predicted market share on the cards resulting in rise in customer satisfaction. He discussed management analysts and finance gurus repeating Warren Buffet’s statement “ The single most decision in evaluating a business is pricing power.” Like all experts in management and value rebuild Mahajan emphasized strongly on the need to raise loyalty level among the employees.” 4% loyalty increase would translate into 40% profit raise”, he expounded based on his research and global corporate tracking. “We view this workshop as an important bridge towards our goal” Asoke Laha commented, “ In today’s fluid economic scenario mere numbers cannot hold us forth against crisis and slowdown. We would need the solidarity and loyalty of our team in order to survive and prosper and for that a foundation of enduring value system has no alternative”.
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