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Large parts of our country still plunge into darkness after sunset the simple fact being that electricity supply is not yet available in most villages and towns in India due to acute shortage. In their efforts to illuminate these remote areas which face perpetual power shortages, L&T has come up with a unique solar-powered portable lantern D.VA. Popularly called ‘Diva,’ this lantern, when fully charged can send out light for 10 hours at maximum brightness and for 40 hours in night mode. The Diva has been designed by the in-house team of L&T Electrical & Automation at the Switchgear Design & Development Centre of the company. The solar lantern can be recharged off-the-grid and has certain advantages over traditional solar lamps. The Diva can be charged through dual modes. The lamps can either be charged through harnessing sunlight by using solar panels of 5W rating or regular mains (AC supply) charging adaptors can be used in low or nil sunlight. Life span of the playa vestidos de novia panels ranges between 20 to 25 years, with the LEDs having rated life of approximately 50,000 hours. The D.VA consumes as low as 2W power. However, cutting-edge technology of the metalized reflector of D.VA has the capacity of giving out light at levels similar to that of a traditional 25W incandescent bulb or a 5W CFL. The 360-degree uniform illumination of the lantern is completely glare free and soothing to the eyes. D.VA kleider für hochzeitsparty will definitely be a boon for millions who never see light after dusk. The built-in dimming feature of the D.VA automatically monitors the levels of brightness and accordingly adjusts the light outputs suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting during different parts of the day. Both rural and urban users are to benefit from this feature. D.VA is also geared with features like mobile charging and has smart 4 LED battery status indicators.
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